Fall 2021

Senior Night!!!
Monday, 10/25 @ 6:15 pm
Please Join us in celebrating
the Varsity class of 2022
for their final home match

against Lake Washington High School

vs LW

@ 7:00 

#4 - Izzy Koo

#2 - Kaitlyn Watson

#10 - Jada Cho

#9 - Nataysia Koehler

#1 - Anastasiya Polyakova

                  Match Night: Monday, Oct 25
Position                       JVC match             JV match       Varsity     
Lines 1                         
     NEED                      Maricar Herradura            X
Lines 2                                     
    NEED                                  NEED                       X                  
Scorekeeper               Varsity Player                  Varsity Player            JV Player
Libero-tracker              Varsity Player                  Varsity Player        Scott Watson
Scoreboard                 Varsity Player                  Varsity Player     BettyLou Aurelio
Announcer                         X                            NEED       Jan Shimabukuro  National Anthem                X                                         X                       PLAYER
Game Write-ups            
 NEED                      Christine Strandell     Kit Watson
Video/Streaming             TBD                                     TBD                      TBD
  NEED                           Dean Chang         Denis Polyakov

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Bus Schedule to AWAY matches

           Date                Destination             Departure Time

10/27                Interlake HS                  4:15 pm
11/1                  Shorecrest HS               3:45 pm

2021 Varsity team


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2021 Varsity Standings

*  Includes Non-Conference Games

2021 JV Standings

*  Includes Non-Conference Games


2021 JVC Standings

*  Includes Non-Conference Games

Previously posted information below...

BHS Volleyball Invitational


Who: Eight Local High School Varsity teams.

What: Join the fun and watch some fantastic Volleyball! 

Where: Main and Aux Gyms


When: Saturday, Sept 4th

@ 9:30 am 

Available food: Food truck from The Brown Family Original BBQ 11am - 3pm and a small concession stand.

Click the SignUp Genius button to Volunteer for this event!

Pool Schedule

Blue Pool                                           Gold Pool

                 - Lakeside                                               - Lake Stevens             

  - Holy Names                                          - Seattle Prep

            - Jackson                                                 - Bainbridge             

                     - Sammamish                                           - Bellevue

Main Gym :

Match       Time                 Teams                                            Work Team

1               9:30 am            Lakeside vs Holy Names               Sammamish

2               10:45 am          Jackson vs Sammamish                Lakeside

3               12:00 pm          Lake Steves vs Bainbridge            Seattle Prep

4                1:00 pm           Seattle Prep vs Bellevue                Bainbridge

5                2:00 pm           Lakeside vs Sammamish               Holy Names          6                3:00 pm           Holy Names vs Jackson                Sammamish


Aux Gym :

Match         Time               Teams                                             Work Team 

1                 9:30 am          Lake Stevens vs Seattle Prep        Bellevue                 2                 10:45 am        Bainbridge vs Bellevue                   Lake Stevens       

3                 12:00 pm        Lakeside vs Jackson                      Holy Names           4                 1:00 pm          Holy Names vs Sammamish          Jackson                5                 2:00 pm          Seattle Prep vs Bainbridge             Bellevue

Top 4 teams from Pool Play

Main Gym :

Match          Time                Teams                          Work Team

7                  5:00 pm          #1 Blue vs. #1 Gold        TBD

Aux Gym : 

Match           Time                Teams                         Work Team

7                   5:00 pm          #2 Blue vs #2 Gold        TBD

Welcome to 2021 Bellevue Volleyball!!!

Tryouts Start Monday, August 23 - 25 

from 4:00pm – 6:00pm

Tryouts will be held in the main BHS gym. They will be run a bit differently this year, so please be patient as the logistics are worked out so we can stay within the COVID guidelines and keep everyone safe during tryouts. Doors to the Commons will open at 3:30 pm on the first day of tryouts to allow players to check in, pick up their tryout jerseys, and help set up the nets. Tryouts details will come from Coach Jamie through the FinalForms system, so keep a lookout for those emails and let us know if you need any help.

What players should wear/bring:

  •  Shorts, t-shirt, indoor volleyball shoes, and knee-pads

  •  Wallet size or 3 ½ x 5 picture with full name and grade on back

  •  Water bottle

  •  Light, healthy snack for any break(s)

  •  bring a FACE MASK!!

COVID Safety precautions:

  • Screenings will continue to take place

  • Sanitizer will be applied throughout tryouts

  • Social distance when entering and exiting the gym

  • See below for Mask requirements from the Bellevue District Athletics and Activities Director, Jeffrey Lowell

Masks are not required for fully vaccinated athletes competing in high-contact indoor sports. Masks are not required for unvaccinated athletes competing in high-contact indoor sports if they participate in screening testing. Masks are encouraged when practicing indoors. Universal masking is required indoors when not practicing or competing.Contact risk levels remain the same as during the 2020-2021 school year. A complete list of contact risk levels for individual sports are referenced in DOH’s Guidance for Sports and Fitness Activities.


Final Forms

Please check your final forms to confirm all of your registration information is completed and up to date PRIOR to tryouts. These include your registration for Volleyball, your Impact Test, your Physical, and any school medications. Please follow the link to ensure student registration is complete.

imPACT Testing

imPACT Testing is now available at BHS. Please  see the information copied below for information on how to complete your impact testing. This needs to be done every two years, so if you are currently a Freshman or a Junior, you probably need to do this. ImPACT Testing needs to be complete PRIOR to tryouts. imPACT Testing (and a current physical) also needs to be completed before you can do any of the live open gym sessions once actual play time is approved (not just individual training exercises). If you aren’t sure, check your FINAL FORMS page or contact Coach Jamie.


As always, feel free to email me with questions at jvong@hbbseattle.com, or Coach Jamie at tingelstadj@bsd405.org.

ImPACT Testing for Student Athletes


Dear Student Athlete and Parent/Guardian,


We are excited to begin high school sports seasons this spring. If your ImPACT concussion baseline test has expired or you have never taken the required test, please read the instructions below for getting registered for this in-person test. All students must have a current sports physical AND most sports require a current ImPACT test on file with the school before the season starts.

Who needs to take the ImPACT Test?

Athletes for most sports must have a current concussion baseline ImPACT test completed to participate (valid for two years). Sports that do not require ImPACT testing are: Badminton, Drill Team, Swim Only, Tennis, Golf, or Track & Field (except Pole Vault requires the ImPACT test). Students participating in any other sport should be sure they have a current ImPACT test on file. You can see if your ImPACT test (or your sports physical) is expired by logging in to your FinalForms profile (https://bellevue-wa.finalforms.com/).


Impact Testing:

The computerized exam is given to student athletes before beginning contact sport practice or competition. This simple, non-invasive test is set up in “video-game” type format and takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and poses no risks to the student athlete. Essentially, the ImPACT test is a preseason physical of the brain. It tracks information such as memory, reaction time, speed and concentration. It, however, is not an IQ test and has no application outside of concussion management and will not be used for any other purposes than for the care of your child should they suffer a concussion. For more information, go to ImPACTtest.com.

How do high school athletes register for ImPACT Testing for the 2021-22 Sports Seasons?

ImPACT testing was conducted in Spring 2021 in preparation for summer and fall sports. ImPACT testing will resume in August when fall tryout season begins for students who are new or have not yet tested. Plan to attend the first tryout session in August even if you have not been ImPACT tested. Your school Athletics office and/or your coaches will send out notices of ImPACT testing dates.