Fall 2020 (winter2021)

 Bellevue High School Volleyball!

February 2021

Welcome to 2021 Bellevue Volleyball!!!

Tryouts Start Monday, March 1st from 4:00pm – 6:00pm

Tryouts will be held in the main BHS gym on Monday and Tuesday, March 1st and 2nd, from 4:00-6:00pm. They will be run a bit differently this year, so please be patient as the logistics are worked out so we can stay within the COVID guidelines and keep everyone safe during tryouts. Doors to the Commons will open at 4:00pm on the first day of tryouts to allow players to check in, pick up their tryout jerseys, and help set up the nets. Tryouts will likely be run in two groups – yes, more pods! – with details to come from Coach Jamie through the FinalForms system, so keep a lookout for those emails and let us know if you need any help.

What players should wear/bring:

  •  Shorts, t-shirt, indoor volleyball shoes, and knee-pads

  •  Wallet size or 3 ½ x 5 picture with full name and grade on back

  •  Water bottle

  •  Light, healthy snack for any break(s)

  •  FACE MASK!!

COVID Safety precautions:

  • Screenings will continue to take place

  • Sanitizer will be applied throughout tryouts

  • Social distance when entering and exiting the gym

  • Keep your social distance between pods


BHS Volleyball Website Updates

The BHS Volleyball website will be updated when we get more details from the district as the season evolves. Continue to check this website for the current season schedule.

Previously posted information below...


Tryouts will be March 1st and 2nd from 4-6pm at Bellevue High School. There will be more details in the weeks ahead for how tryouts will be handled, any specific COVID protocols, and other information still to come. Please mark your calendars!!

Final Forms

Please check your final forms to confirm all of your registration information is completed and up to date PRIOR to tryouts. These include your registration for Volleyball, your Impact Test, your Physical, and any school medications. Please follow the link to ensure student registration is complete.

2020 Varsity Standings

*  Includes Non-Conference Games

2020 JV Standings

*  Includes Non-Conference Games


2020 JV/C Standings

*  Includes Non-Conference Games

imPACT Testing

imPACT Testing is now available at BHS. Please  see the information copied below for information on how to complete your impact testing. This needs to be done every two years, so if you are currently a Freshman or a Junior, you probably need to do this. ImPACT Testing needs to be complete PRIOR to tryouts. imPACT Testing (and a current physical) also needs to be completed before you can do any of the live open gym sessions once actual play time is approved (not just individual training exercises). If you aren’t sure, check your FINAL FORMS page or contact Coach Jamie.


As always, feel free to email me with questions at jvong@hbbseattle.com, or Coach Jamie at tingelstadj@bsd405.org.

ImPACT Testing for Student Athletes


Dear Student Athlete and Parent/Guardian,


We are excited to begin high school sports seasons this spring. If your ImPACT concussion baseline test has expired or you have never taken the required test, please read the instructions below for getting registered for this in-person test. All students must have a current sports physical AND most sports require a current ImPACT test on file with the school before the season starts. Fall season begins March 1 (February 24 for Football). Winter starts April 5, and Spring begins May 3.


Who needs to take the ImPACT Test?

Athletes for most sports must have a current concussion baseline ImPACT test completed to participate (valid for two years). Sports that do not require ImPACT testing are: Badminton, Drill Team, Swim Only, Tennis, Golf, or Track & Field (except Pole Vault requires the ImPACT test). Students participating in any other sport should be sure they have a current ImPACT test on file. You can see if your ImPACT test (or your sports physical) is expired by logging in to your FinalForms profile (https://bellevue-wa.finalforms.com/).


How to Register for ImPACT Testing

We are offering the ImPACT testing at two sites, Bellevue High School and Sammamish High School. Students will need to secure transportation to these sites and follow specific health and safety guidelines. Click on the links below to register for one of several test dates in February. Once a student registers, they will receive a confirmation in their BSD student email with full instructions.


Register now for the Sammamish High School ImPACT Test Site

Register now for the Bellevue High School ImPACT Test Site


ImPACT Test Instructions


This exam will take up to 45 minutes plus check in time, so be prepared to be here for 1 hour – 1 hour 15 minutes. You MUST:

· Bring your own fully charged laptop.

· Wear a mask, covering your mouth and nose, the entire time you are checking in and testing at school buildings.

· Complete the BSD Health Check  before arriving at the test site (ON THE DAY OF THE TEST). Make sure to get a screen shot of the completion page on your cell phone. You can also print or save a ‘print screen’ of the confirmation page from a laptop.

· If you have one, bring a wired or wireless mouse. We will have a few spares if you do not have one. Your trackpad is just fine but a mouse makes it easier and is highly recommended.

· Arrive on time. No late arrivals will be allowed.

October 2020

Team Meetings and Open Gyms have begun!


Team Meetings: Mondays @ 1 pm, online.


Open Gyms: in-person, outside, & playing in small groups.

See dates and times in the Upcoming Events box to the right.

There will be safety protocols in place, like wearing a mask and playing in small groups outside. If you haven’t registered for 2020/21 BHS Volleyball yet, please register as soon as possible to be included in Coach Jamie’s email list for these sessions. 


Click on the link https://bellevuewa.finalforms.com/ 

to update your account or to create a new one. For help with account setup, please click here or see below for more information.

Welcome to BHS volleyball

The BHS Volleyball Boosters are excited to welcome back all players and coaches, and to welcome our incoming 9th graders who would like to join the program. This year will be a little different. The COVID pandemic has forced us all to be flexible and adapt to daily life in new ways. This will inevitably carry over into our volleyball lives as well. Please read through the following information to help you prepare for the 2020 volleyball season! 


Registration is Open

To be able to participate in Open Gym sessions in June and July – yes, even a virtual one – and tryouts in late August, all players must register for Fall 2020 Volleyball. To do that, please do the following:

  1. Create a parent and student account on FinalForms. Clink on the link https://bellevue-wa.finalforms.com/ to access your account. If you have never logged in, clink on the link provided on the log-in page, put in your email address, and the system will send you an email with instructions. For help with account setup, please click here . If you have already done this for other activities, you can move immediately to the next step.

  2. Register for Fall Volleyball in the 2020/2021 school year by selecting this activity on the Sports/Activities page Complete all forms that show up in left hand column of your student's account. This looks more cumbersome than it is, but will still take some time.

  3. Complete a Physical Form, or have current physical on file with the Athletic Department (FinalForms will tell you the expiration date of your current physical form). You can join a virtual open gym without a physical, but won’t be able to participate in any physical activities that might be planned.

  4. Before Tryouts (not required for virtual open gym) - Complete an ImPACT concussion test, or have a current test on file with the Athletic Department (you can find the status of your concussion test once you have logged into FinalForms). The school district will be providing more information on how to get your ImPACT testing done before the fall. Stay tuned and we will follow up with more details as they become available.

Fall Tryouts

They are often held earlier in the day, but will depend on the coaches schedules and, in this case, school district policies for staff and participant safety at that time. We will try to keep parents and players apprised of any schedule changes, but please check http://www.bellevuevolleyball.com occasionally as well to look for updates. We will have this letter posted and other content updated on the website shortly.


Finally, please pass this along to friends, family and any others who might be interested in the volleyball program. Thanks, and we are looking forward to a great (probably totally unique) season!

Juliet Vong - Booster President