Volunteers for Monday, March 15th

Please consider volunteering this year! We have a great parent group in the BHS Volleyball community and it's nice to see so many people getting involved! We can always use more help!

We have many volunteer positions that need to be filled throughout the season. Roles that span the season, or are dedicated to a non-game event, are listed to the right. Please let anyone from of our Booster group know if you are interested and willing to volunteer!

In addition to the seasonal volunteer roles listed on the right, there are game day volunteer positions that we need to fill at each home match. We will be sending out signup information soon.

Positions - match needed

Lines 1 - JV and C matches

Lines 2 - JV and C matches

Announcers - JV and C matches

Game write ups - JV and C matches

Libero Tracker - Varsity match

Scoreboard - Varsity match

National Anthem - Varsity match

Volunteer Contacts

Full-Season Roles


Varsity Team Coordinator


- Juliet Vong​

JV Team Coordinator


- Kelly Olerud


C Team Coordinator




- Juliet Vong

- Kit Watson


Spirit Wear


- Juliet Vong

- Julie Huard

- Heidi Adam

Senior Night


- Lead: Jan Shimabukuro

- Kit Watson



- Lead: William Vong

- Mira Rudic



Varsity  -  Denis Polyakov

JV         -  Dean Chang

C Team -  

Match Announcer

Varsity - Jan Shimabukuro


C Team

Match Video/Streaming

Varsity - Will Vong and Scott Watson

JV - Dean Chang

C Team - 

Game Write-ups

Varsity  -  Kit Watson

JV -   

C Team -  



Kit and Scott Watson


Contact Juliet Vong to volunteer for a role!