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Bellevue Volleyball Booster Club


The Mission of the Bellevue High Volleyball booster club is to provide the Bellevue High Volleyball teams with funds and support to be one of the premier high school volleyball teams in the state of Washington.

What Exactly Do the Boosters Do?

A fairly complete description of what the BHS Volleyball Booster Club does can be found HERE.  



All parents and interested parties are encouraged to join the Volleyball Booster Club. A yearly donation is encouraged & appreciated.



The Booster club raises funds by soliciting donations, running the annual Junior Wolverine Volleyball Camp (in conjunction with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Bellevue), and other fund raising opportunities as presented.

The Volleyball Booster Club falls under the umbrella of the Bellevue Wolverine Booster Club at Bellevue High School and has a representative sitting on the Wolverine Booster Club board of directors.

Via the Wolverine Booster Club, the Volleyball booster club functions as a qualified non-profit 503(c) organization and donations to the club may be tax deductible as determined by the donors accountant.

Support Bellevue Volleyball

To find out how, contact:

Mara Palcisco


Booster Club Officers:

Co-Presidents:                       Erkang Hu

                                               Mara Palcisco

Treasurer:                              Mas Jacobsen

Website:                                Joanie Bellamy

VP Events/Volunteer:            Heidi Adam 


Event Coordinators/Volunteers:             




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